LBJ’s Downtown Austin Office Is Frozen In Time

On the top floor of a nondescript office building in downtown Austin exists a slice of political history that few have seen. Decorated by interior designer Gail Linkey Moore, the space looks like a time capsule from the 1960s, with dark wood paneling, faded orange and gold carpets, and chairs upholstered in blue-green fabric. There’s an old wooden television console and a never-used fireplace. The private bathroom, decked out in marble, has four high-pressured showerheads and an oval sink embossed with gold presidential seals—an emphatic nod to its former tenant.

Austin Monthly, Now & Then: LBJ’s Downtown Office

Tipping on the iPad is Awkward AF

We’ve all been there. We walk up to the counter at our local coffee shop, and the ever-dreadful iPad turns around. This is where you have to decide if you tip or not for that pastry that costs $2.50 with an option to tip $1, $2, or $3.

If you choose “No Tip,” you’re (perceived as) a jerk.

If you choose, “Custom Amount,” you’re (perceived as) a jerk who is taking up time and tipping less.

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