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Places I’ve been & places I wanna go!

South view of Notre Dame de Paris.
Image via Wikipedia

I’ve thankfully been able to travel across the pond at least once in my life.  It was probably the best trip of my life.  Here’s where I went:

  • London, England – Beautiful.  Lots of culture and funny people.  Almost got beat up by an old dude who thought I was in the American army.
  • Paris, France – I didn’t like it at first (because of the language barrier), but it grew on me.  After learning some French in college, I have an inkling to go back!  Dude in front of the Cathedrale de Notre Dame got mad at me because I was from Texas and I “had too much oil.”
  • Madrid, España – I actually didn’t care for it much.  Maybe another trip?
  • Sevilla, España (where I spent most of my time, see where I lived below) – My residencia!  So much history and beautiful architecture and people!

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  • Lisboa, Portugal – Where they loved to speak English to me (since they do not like anything to do with the Spanish language).
  • Barcelona, España – A different part of Spain, but nevertheless cool.  Really chic.  One word:  Gaudí.

But, that was 3 years ago.

Help me decide on where I want to go next!  I’m thinking South America (more specifically, Colombia and Venezuela).

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