Futurism isn’t what it used to be

While searching around for videos that were meant to show the ridiculousness of futurist videos from the past, I stumbled upon a jewel of a video that shows our not-too-distant future.

You can’t just help but imagine that this is the world we live in today where everything is in the present, your life is hackable (for better or worse), and “having game” is actually now about gaming.

There are far better ways to live life than to get too caught up in a Google Glass world. I’ve made sure to switch on the “Do Not Disturb” toggle on my iPhone when appropriate, and my friends and I stack our phones during dinner.

I get made fun of sometimes but I’m probably one of the most “analog” digital guys you’ll ever meet.

My only advice: take time to explore real maps when you arrive in a new city and get your thumbs dirty with ink and read actual newspapers and magazines.

Keeping one foot in the future and one in the past will help you stay grounded.

The futurist videos of the past seem less ridiculous when paired up with what we see today.

Pay with Square

The future of mobile payments

I was late to the mobile payments (MP) game. Having seen it in action from friends using Tabbed Out, a bar and restaurant MP app whose offices are in Austin, I decided to try it out myself while at a happy hour recently.

And, it was everything you could expect.

“You won’t have to ever talk to me again about your tab,” said the bartender at Shangri-La.

OK, so that gets rid of the most anxiety-driven part of the purchase process. Seriously, the worst thing one goes through at a restaurant is waiting for the check. Waiters know it. Customers know it. The quality of the experience lies within that moment. And, I don’t have to awkwardly flag down the bartender.

So, enters Square.

With the rename of Card Case, which in my opinion was horrible branding, to Pay with Square, the MP game just got a little better.

The difference I see is that Pay with Square comes with all of the bang that one gets out of location-based rewards. Yes, that means Facebook Deals, Foursquare, et al., just saw a little competition as well.

Things to watch out for with MP, Square, and its future:

  • Their evangelization team and its ethos are perfect for small businesses. And, even big business.
  • The check-in process will eventually be linked to transactions.
  • Ventures into local currencies: a long shot, but something I’d like to see.
  • “Leave the wallet at home.”
  • Mobile payment apps for different industries might prop up.

On the front page of @NYTimes

The New York Times did a little experiment last night during President Obama’s speech to Congress regarding health care. Their social media editor, Jennifer Preston, asked followers to reply with their comments via Twitter.

So, I did! And, poof!  My comments, selected from a few highlighted tweets, appeared on the front page.

@mattreyes featured on @NYTimes

I’m glad they are off to a good start with this sort of bottom-up integration, and more so with their new set of tools announced yesterday.

Blogs every marketer should follow

If you’re new to this whole bottom-up approach to media & marketing, you’re very behind the curve.  But, not to worry, there are plenty of ways to catch up.

Below are my recommended blogs that every marketer should follow:

Church of the Customer

Douglas Rushkoff

Seth Godin

  • Author and speaker who has called marketers liars and has asked people to join tribes and lead the way in markets.  This is truly daily inspiration.

PR 2.0

  • Brian Solís, founder of FutureWorks, a PR & new media agency, is a thought leader in the new media & technology realm.  He and Jess3 created the Conversation Prism, a beautiful graphic charting the social media space.


  • Charlene & Josh, authors of the book with the same title, come to us from Forrester Research.  They pioneered a new era combining data, research models, and new media.

There are many more, but these should give you a good start.  There’s much more to it than just tweeting, facebooking, and YouTubin’.  Standards exist.  Learn them and live them.