Notable Mentions

NBC Latino – With Young Latinos, Much Remains Unknown.

Latino Leaders – The Head Twittero.

Minority Business Entrepreneur – Twitteros.

BroadBrand – Latino Twitter Users.

Austin American-Statesman – Becoming a location pro on Gowalla/Foursquare.

C-SPAN – Reaching and Engaging Minorities Online.

Al Jazeera – 2010 Census and Hispanics.

Desdemona Bandini – Hispanics: The Majority Minority and its Influence in Social Media.

Café Magazine – Consultant, speaker and…Twittero.

Hispanic Marketing & Public Relations – Texas consultant hopes to grow forum for Latino Twitter fans.

bigMETHOD – Twitteros.

New Media Lab – Austin Social Media’s Top 100.

Hispanic Trending – launches for Latinos.

Brown is the New Green – Film celebrates Latino culture.