Blogs every marketer should follow

If you’re new to this whole bottom-up approach to media & marketing, you’re very behind the curve.  But, not to worry, there are plenty of ways to catch up.

Below are my recommended blogs that every marketer should follow:

Church of the Customer

Douglas Rushkoff

Seth Godin

  • Author and speaker who has called marketers liars and has asked people to join tribes and lead the way in markets.  This is truly daily inspiration.

PR 2.0

  • Brian Solís, founder of FutureWorks, a PR & new media agency, is a thought leader in the new media & technology realm.  He and Jess3 created the Conversation Prism, a beautiful graphic charting the social media space.


  • Charlene & Josh, authors of the book with the same title, come to us from Forrester Research.  They pioneered a new era combining data, research models, and new media.

There are many more, but these should give you a good start.  There’s much more to it than just tweeting, facebooking, and YouTubin’.  Standards exist.  Learn them and live them.

It’s the product, stupid!

This tweet (pardon the diction, but appreciate the sentiment) pretty much sums it up.

Reality check:  Products and services must realize that social media is just a tool for creating a connection with customers.  It is not the end-all, be-all.

My take:

  • Your innovative product or service is going to drive sales (and popularity), organically!  Social media just corroborates what you do.
  • Customer service is key.  Hear people out (here’s where social media is a tool – not the tool – to help you achieve this).
  • Buzz is not sustainable.
  • Offline connections are much stronger than online connections.
  • Do not cheat your way to the top; it’s superficial (like advertising).